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Historical background
During the Japanese Occupation Period, the name of ChangHua is PanShen. The location of our village is on the west side of ChangHua. That’s the reason why our Township called Siansi.

During the Japanese Occupation Period, the ShenKang and Siansi area were merged into the health station of SiChuang, administered by Taichung county.
Divided into Siansi and Shenkang two villages in July of 1950.  In the early period, the clinic provided whole day service; taught public health in the afternoon, visited families, checked and treated blisters and antenatal inspection. The health station of Siansi Township came back to the jurisdiction of county hospital of Changhua in 1974.  The government substantiated the scheme of upgrading the basic-level infrastructure. National Health Administration and Taiwan Province subsidized 1 million and eight hundred dollars to build up a new office. It was completed and launched in July of 1982.

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